A FREE Review of your tax returns!

Preliminary numbers show that nearly $780 million (possibly more) money was left on the table simply due to tax returns being filed inaccurately. If you, or anyone you know that has filed their taxes on their own or by another firm, we are offering a FREE review of your tax return. Should we find any additional deductions or refunds for you, we will offer to file an amended return.
A FREE review by our tax experts, can reveal the following common mistakes:
  • Incorrectly selected filing status – choosing the correct filing status can determine the value of some credits and deductions.
  • Missed education credits – with many different eligible education benefits out there, this is an easy area where the most beneficial credit isn’t taken.
  • Overlooked Earned Income Tax credit – statistics show that only 20% of those qualified for this credit actually claim it.
A FREE review will give you a piece of mind that you took advantage of every credit available to your tax situation. Should we find any variances from your original tax return, we will advise you to the next steps. No obligation to you!
To schedule a FREE review with our office, simply call us at 612.605.3178 or email us at Consult@PrudentAccountants.com.
Again, thank you for another successful tax season!
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